On a scale of 1-10, my anxiety level has been hanging out around a 6 or 7 lately and that's with taking my anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication. So what's going on? - Lots! I hope you don't mind some rambling, because that's just what I need right now and I know there's got to be someone out …

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Trust Is Not Blind

I held fear before my eyes 'Til all I saw was my demise Anxious thoughts scratched and clawed And tore my face away from God. For man may come to cut and take But will I allow my faith to shake? Nothing can separate me from the One Whose love shines stronger than the sun. …

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An Ordinary Woman

or·di·nar·y1.of no special quality or interest; commonplace;unexceptional: One novel isbrilliant, the other is decidedly ordinary; an ordinary person.For the past few years I've been considering what it means to be ordinary. I've even come to accept that, indeed, that is exactly what I am. But yesterday I looked at my statement that I am just ordinary and I asked myself, "Why is it so important that I see myself as ordinary?" And …

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