Tripped Up

I get tripped up rushing forward, Or curled up in hesitation. I want to flow upon the waters Or spread my wings in exhilaration! Yet whether I walk, run or fall, Whether I excel or have nothing to show, God never turns away, or scoffs at me, No, He is right here helping me to …

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Love in Process

I made a commitment to myself and to my friend to send her a scripture each day through April with the intent of writing a devotional. The funny thing is I'm uncovering some amazing scriptures and she suggested it might take me two months instead of one, and I agree. I'm finding God is leading …

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Hold On – Let the Controversy Begin

In my desire to become a better writer, I am actively seeking out advice from veteran bloggers, and  one suggestion was to purposely write something that will stir-up-trouble, so to speak. With the intent of learning to write without seeking approval, but writing from my passion. So here is my warning: These are my true …

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