Tend the Garden

Stuart M. Perkins also known as the Storyshucker, is a poignant storyteller. This particular story touched my heart. Read and see the power of a story may change a life.


A longtime friend commented during dinner that her next door neighbor’s son was on the path to nowhere and constantly in trouble. She thought herself clever referring to him as “a weed in the garden of life”. Although an avid fan of barbed words and wit, I found her comment harsh directed at a kid who was barely a teenager. He was dismissed and labeled as worthless. A weed.

“But maybe he’s a pokeweed!” I said in a positive tone.

She rolled her eyes. I recognized the look of resignation on her face. The look many of my friends have when I spit out a puzzling one-liner and they know a story is coming. She sipped her drink and grinned, arms crossed in silent permission for me to proceed.

Years ago I had a yard packed with plants. It was full of boxwoods, azaleas, and geraniums surrounding a dogwood centerpiece…

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five lil’ power-packed verses of enlightenment

I’m reblogging this as God has been speaking to me regarding meditating on his Word and Bernie is good at that.

Believing IN Christ Jesus through ALL things

Today I am simply overwhelmed by what God reveals in just five lil’ power packed verses in the first chapter of John.

9        There was the true Light

And that true Light was Jesus Christ … the Light of the world.

which, coming into the world

From the heavenly realm of Father God, a Lamb sent to slaughter … the Son was sent into this world … this world corrupted by sin, condemned to death and held captive by the father of lies … the devil.

enlightens every man.

Only the true Light gives true enlightenment … not the counterfeit offered and embraced by men and the world.

10      He was in the world,

Christ Jesus … the Son of God … the Light of the world … was in the world … enemy territory …

and the world was made through Him,

He was in the world created through…

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What a fantastic privilege!

I love this brother’s open love for God and his great insights.

Believing IN Christ Jesus through ALL things

My dear friend Jim and I began our journey together this morning through the book The Indwelling Life of Christ: All of Him in All of Me by Major W. Ian Thomas.

The goal: Reading and discussing two chapters a week … there are fifty chapters in this little devotional –style book.

The result: We just barely made it through the introduction.

I had read the intro and the first two chapters, highlighting in yellow, underlining in red, and making personal notes. Interestingly enough … most of what had spoken to Jim’s heart touched on things I had seemingly just read over … my book had no highlights … no red marks … no notes … on those passages.

Through Jim and Major Thomas, I sensed God revealing profound truths that I had simply skimmed over … so no doubt going through this together and discussing will hopefully multiply our…

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