Today I Listened

I was working out at the gym today listening to my I-pod to Vicky Beeching singing “Listening”. (Please note, I deleted my youtube links so I don’t infringe on any copyright laws. Please feel free to search for them yourself.)
And I decided to listen.

What I heard God asking me was, “Did I come to judge or did I come to bring life?”

So off to Bible Gateway I go and enter in the search “give life” and “come judge”. Look at John 6:33 and John 10:10. Also John 12:47.(It’s important for you to see for yourself and not just take my word for it.) My conclusion is Jesus came to give me life.

So now comes the question, “Why did God ask me that question?” I have been judging my walk lately and find I am coming up short in the time with God department. I have also been judging my life and find the physical body department is also demanding much of my attention. And because I am judging myself, I assume God is judging me as well. And obviously I must be such a disappointment and I need to be changed.

I’m not specifically sure about what he means by bringing me life, but I think he is talking about focus and perspective. I am focusing on issues, he is focusing on the bigger picture. I think he wants me to know what he has for me is life giving. It is free and abundant and overflowing! It is not a downward or inward look, it is an upward and outward look.

Lord, Jesus, take my chin in your hand and lift my gaze to you. Help me remember your good and perfect gifts are what you desire to give me.

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