What a fantastic privilege!

I love this brother’s open love for God and his great insights.

Believing IN Christ Jesus through ALL things

My dear friend Jim and I began our journey together this morning through the book The Indwelling Life of Christ: All of Him in All of Me by Major W. Ian Thomas.

The goal: Reading and discussing two chapters a week … there are fifty chapters in this little devotional –style book.

The result: We just barely made it through the introduction.

I had read the intro and the first two chapters, highlighting in yellow, underlining in red, and making personal notes. Interestingly enough … most of what had spoken to Jim’s heart touched on things I had seemingly just read over … my book had no highlights … no red marks … no notes … on those passages.

Through Jim and Major Thomas, I sensed God revealing profound truths that I had simply skimmed over … so no doubt going through this together and discussing will hopefully multiply our…

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30 Days to Happiness: L Is for Listen

I thought this post was excellent! It made me want to go find someone to listen to, to see how I’m doing.

Dare to Be Happy

L L is for Listen and laughter, but first things first. My guide word, “listen” reminds me to pay attention to what others are saying. I especially try to practice this when my husband, Larry and my youngest son, Jay are telling me things. Learning to listen is going to lead to greater happiness for me and for those I love. It will also have a positive effect on everyone I am listening to because it shows respect and gives value to people. Talking comes so naturally to us because there is a running conversation going on in our head all of the time. All we have to do is open our mouth and our thoughts are sure to come out. This is sometimes how we end up with our “foot in our mouth.” Learning to listen can be extremely beneficial as it requires our mouth to be closed and our…

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