Wee Little Ones

Wee little ones, so very small,
‘Tis Lord Jesus, makes them all.
Helps them grow ’til they are born,
Hears their cries in early morn.
Stays with mother, rocking awhile.
Watches sleeping babies’ smile.
Provides in-spite of father’s worry.
Slows down families in a hurry.
Shares with us, something special,
A brand new life, a joyous miracle!

Written by Sandy Blackburn
(date unknown)

Now Is But A Moment

The past is but an image
Of days we’ve left behind.

The future, but a dreamland
We visit in our mind.

And now is but a moment,
In truth, our only chance;

To live, and laugh, and love, and sing,
And give, and touch, and dance!

Written by Sandy Blackburn
(date unknown)

The Path

My life was dark and aimless paths
On which I trod to find a place,
To ease my ever burdening load
And feel the warmth of love’s embrace.

I had not seen the sign that read:
“The path of waywardness and death,”
Nor who it was that tracked behind
And sought to steal my very breath.

As I walked along the way –
Cares, regrets, and endless strife

Began to weigh upon my soul.
‘Til I prayed to God, “Come into my life.”

There were no harps, no angels singing,
No awesome vision, nor heavenly sign,
But just a turning from where I was going,
To walk the path were His light shined.

Now He leads me in His purpose
And I have peace within His grace.
All my burdens He has lifted
With arms of love and warm embrace.

Written by Sandy Blackburn
(date unknown)

Counselor of Love

The Lord is my counselor, discerning and wise,
Able to show me the truth from the lies.

He knows me completely, so he knows what’s best.
Though I’m weary from trials, he gives me rest.

He opens up passages through difficult things.
He leads me to fountains and life-giving springs.

The enemy shall scatter. The wicked shall fail.
But I with the Lord in my life shall prevail!

My praise truly due him, my heart as a dove,
Ascends to the Father, my counselor of love.

Written by Sandy Blackburn
June 25, 2002

I see now, I wrote this two different ways. I don’t know which was my first draft but I like them both.

The Dancing Words

The dancing words twirl in my head,
In songs of joy go marching forth,

Then crash and stop into a tumble!
They do not rhyme! They turn and grumble

Back into the swirling dance.
They fight to find that hidden treasure:

The perfect partner in mood and thought
That keeps them in their proper meter.

And so begins in dance and sway;
The words emerge upon the stage,

And dance and cry and laugh and breathe,
Emblazoned on the written page!

Written by Sandy Blackburn
August 13, 2013



As I open myself to the heart of God,
I open myself to love.
And I find no condemnation there,
Only open arms of grace.

And freedom just to be myself
And truly to believe,
He sees me as one he loves
And there’s a smile upon his face.

Written by Sandy Blackburn
July 31, 2013


The Lord is My Counselor

The Lord is my counselor
Visionary and wise,
Able to show me the truth
From the lies.

 He leads me to fountains,
To life-giving springs,
He opens up praises,
And other blessed things.

 He knows me completely,
So he knows what’s best.
As I pass through the fire,
He will lead me to rest.

 The enemy will scatter,
The wicked shall fail,
But I with the Lord
In my life shall prevail!

Written by Sandy Blackburn
June 25, 2002

6 thoughts on “Poems

  1. I love your poems… I write poetry too and really enjoyed reading yours. Still in the process of putting them out there… writing a short poetry and painting book! Also taking the Flourish Writers academy!

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