My Favorite Cereal

The inspiration for my blog came from eating breakfast this morning. My husband and I each have our own favorite cereals, both from the same company. My store stopped carrying his and we couldn’t find a good replacement so we ordered directly from the company. Now I will warn you that this cereal is not inexpensive but fortunately for my husband and I we went from feeding five kids to just the two of us now and have room in the budget for some good stuff.

Okay I know you can’t wait any longer, so, my favorite cereal is: Bear Naked Fruit and Nut granola. It lasts me about a week because I eat it almost everyday. What I like about this cereal is the integrity of the ingredients. Though it is not organic it is made with ingredients I would use if I were to make my own granola. It is lower in sugar than most granola’s but it is not a low sugar or low fat product. It is very tasty and  because it is not low fat it is actually moist and clumps together not dry and separated like some of the others I’ve tried. It contains almonds, coconut, raisins and dried cranberries, which I like. And what little sugar there is comes mostly from honey, maple syrup and the fruit. (Just a touch of refined sugar in the cranberries.) Also no salt.

I must mention my husbands favorite, as well: Bear Naked Maple Pecan. I am trying to get my store to stock this, so we won’t have to pay shipping charges. Same quality of ingredients. This one has fewer grams of fat and fewer grams of sugar and just a touch of sea salt.

Mine is 140 calories per 1/4 cup, his is 130 per 1/4 cup; but honestly I eat more like 2 servings. But it is well worth it.

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