A Better Path

Continuing from where I left off – standing on my path – God invited me to settle down, to take a look around and stop frantically trying to define my path and where it was heading. Pausing right now to remember what I discovered brings back the same sensations I experienced the first time: peace, hope, wonder, love, joy, assurance, excitement, light, beauty, comfort, and most of all the express knowledge of His presence with me on the path. Knowing at any time I could turn to His embrace truly settled me and restored my trust in the knowledge that the One who created me also created the path I’m on and will continue to guide me along it.

I began to realize that God was more interested in my choosing to love, than my successes or failures as a writer, or whatever label I could call myself. I had skewed the parable of the talents to pressure myself to be the person I thought I was supposed to be. To utilize the gifts I was given or become a failure in God’s eyes.

The beauty God revealed on the path is this: God is for me, His love is for me. He created me and knows everything about me. I can choose to write, I can choose to sing, I can choose to work at the grocery store, and I will still be on the path. His desire and His direction will always be toward loving Him, loving others and loving myself; and as long as I remember to choose love in all I do, I am successful in life.

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