May I Hear Your Song

Lord, let me hear your song today

        With my head pressed against your chest

        May I hear your heart beating

        The sound of your breathing

        Feel the warmth of your embrace.


        For I know you are singing

        A beautiful melody

        The song of victory

        And joy!


        If only I could still my mind

        And just listen patiently

        I know I would hear your song.

        I know I would hear you singing.

I really needed this today! I wrote this back in 2008 and sent it via email to my daughter. She was cleaning out her emails and sent it back to me knowing I was having a difficult time.

My father is in the hospital since yesterday and I have been challenged by my mother wanting to drive. Today was easier than yesterday and I believe it was because I asked for prayer for my stress level. She was calmer and so was I.

There is much I have to learn about aging parents and the best way to introduce change. Stubbornness and independence runs in the family. The first lesson I am learning is to ask for help and take it one step at a time.

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