Affirmations for 2021

Today was the beginning of my new year with the Flourish Writers Academy. I am so ready for this since the last month found me procrastinating as far as my writing was concerned.

In preparation for our virtual retreat I worked through the first few pages of the planning guide, arriving at the page where we were to write out our scripture for the year and affirmations to keep ourself on a positive focus.

Fortunately for me, I had already prayed about my scripture for the year. (Which I shared in a previous post.) But when it came to the affirmations, I had to put my book down and come back to it.

The funny part was the sermon on Sunday was also about writing out and posting declarations, so I went online for the examples my pastor had posted. I found them to be really good, but way too many and generic for my vision of what I felt I should have for my use. (Thanks, Pastor Paul, for your inspiration.)

Well, I had a meeting scheduled with my support coach, Melissa, and showed her where I had gotten stalled. (This is why Flourish instructs us to have a coach and a support team.) she promptly wrote on her calendar that I would have my affirmations down by Monday and she would follow up with me.

I shared what I had been praying and she says, “Write that down. There’s your first one.” (Melissa, you are my perfect coach. I love you.)

All this to say, I managed to get them down before the virtual retreat and since I have nothing better to share today, I would like to share mine with you all and encourage you to write down your own to help you stay-a-float through the year ahead.


Scripture references are Hebrews 12:2a & 5b-6a, and Philippians 2:13 & 3:13b-14 paraphrased from The Passion Translation.

This new year promises to be full of good things as well as challenges. We can’t live in a bubble of only good, at least until we go home. We need spiritual weapons. Affirmations, or declarations, can be one of those weapons in our arsenal.

Grace & Peace,


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