Being a Firework

Photo Courtesy of I was thinking I needed to get back to writing my blog, with more emphasis on something good or helpful. Taking one of my ideas and running with it. That's when I realized, like the song, I am a firework. I have times when I am excited and I have these …

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Possessing the Harder Faith – Second Thoughts

Have you ever heard about how you shouldn’t pray for patience because you might just get your answer? I’m feeling that way right now. As I attempted to pursue the challenge of understanding the faith gained by trials, it has basically stalled my desire to sit and write. Which one of you believes the statement; …

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Faith Expressed in Love

"...we expectantly wait for a satisfying relationship with the expressed in love." The Message Wow! This speaks to my heart right at this moment. For this is truly my desire. Not to be religious but to be in love and to pour out love. Holy Spirit, let us sit down together.