Tattooed for Life

On my recent trip to Hawaii to see my daughter get married, my family took a little side trip to get tattoo’s. As I watched three of my children subject themselves to the painful pen of the tattoo artist, I contemplated again what I might want permanently etched on my skin. I had thought many times about what I might breakdown and get – a butterfly, a cross, even an eagle soaring across my shoulders – it had to be meaningful – something timeless.

But then I knew –  I had discovered when my last daughter was born that if I took the first letters of my first four kids names and the middle initial of my last daughter’s name it spelled the word “grace”. Not a perfect formula  but one not only to represent my loved ones but also God’s grace of which I am forever grateful. The third meaning for me started with my own birth – “Tuesday’s child is full of grace”. I have loved to dance since I was a child, not with training, but, from the heart. That’s all I want, that’s all I need.

So what does that have to do with Opening the Creative Door? Surprisingly to me, I suddenly feel inspired every time I look over my shoulder into the mirror. I feel more graceful and more thankful for the grace I have received. I am ready to express that thankfulness in dance before my Savior. And I am ready to share my story of grace.

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