Christian Women

After staring this blog, I looked up “blog” on the internet and found some networks of blogs for Christian women. I considered what that would look like if I tried to join one of them. At one time in my life I would have fit neatly into that area, but not so much anymore. I seemed to have come across a different perspective, not that I am no longer a Christian woman, God forbid, but I don’t want to appear perfect because I’m not. I don’t want to just write about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I want to write about life – all inclusive. Sometimes I am deeply spiritual and sometimes I am just getting through the day.

I thought about what my priorities are, do I put God first? And my answer surprised me. If I am truly the person I want to be that’s not the right question. The right question is – “Is God in me?” The answer, of course, is yes! And therefore, because God is in me, and with me, every part of my life includes God in it, even when I am struggling. I want to honor God by being honest and forthcoming, not by hiding my imperfection. He is strong enough and wise enough to handle it.

Now please don’t misunderstand, I am grateful for the wonderful women who network together, sharing their faith, and I will certainly be inspired by them. It’s just in this season, this is me and I pray by my being me someone else will be okay being themselves, knowing that God has not forgotten them.

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