Compare – Compete – Compassion

What brings me to these three words? I have been working through an injury the last few months and I have noticed how people respond to my situation, and in turn, how I respond to their response.

We, in general, have learned that we should have compassion for those who are hurting or less fortunate than ourselves. But how do we express that? In my experience it looks like comparison. I say I’m on light duty because of tendinitis and you say I have had that, or I have this or that. And what was meant to be compassion now feels like competition. And what does competition do? Now I have to be on the offence, or on the defense, and  all I really want is to be done with the stupid pain and get back to taking my health for granted.

I think I must add a fourth “c” – Complain! So now that I feel I’m in a competition as to who has it the worst, I must begin the “woe-is-me” saga and with it be labeled a whiner. I therefore have lost the competition altogether and am feeling alone and unsatisfied.

I’m not sure I know how to get compassion, let alone how to give compassion. I’m sure I will learn. In the meantime I will try to suffer quietly and not complain. I know I’ve exaggerated slightly just to reveal the feelings behind the words, but I’m guessing you may know what I mean.

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