Too Good to be True?

Sometimes I find it difficult to accept God’s love. It seems to good to be true! Everything else in life is geared toward earning rewards. Yet God sees fit to love me and give me eternal life. No work required. Free gift. Amazing! You try that in any relationship. “Hon, I think you can do everything and I’ll just sit here and eat ice cream.” How much love would come out of that? How about, “Hey boss, I think I’ll take the rest of the day off. Oh, but I still want all my pay.” Yeah, right, I’m more likely to be fired! How unreasonable it seems to expect God to love me when so I often all he gets from me is a cold shoulder or maybe feeble offerings of prayer as I lie awake at night musing over my imperfections.

But in all honesty if I consider the fact that God knows me better than anyone, even better than I know myself and he has more reason to hate me than anyone I’ve ever wronged, I know he is truly good and perfect and if he says he loves me it’s just true! I kinda get the feeling that he knows some deep secret about who I will become and is excited to see me become me. And that gets me excited, too!

Now if I can just derail the train of thought that I need to earn my way into God’s graces and allow the Holy Spirit room in my life to do the stirring, I would be in a better state of mind and more ready to move into what he has for me.

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