A Whisper at a Rock Concert

I decided to try to find my blog, (my other blog,) using a key word; and I discovered that it is next to impossible! Using just one word there were 46.5 million posts! If I only continue writing based on my significance or importance in the world wide web I’m afraid I just don’t matter. I’m as lost as a whisper at a rock concert.So why should I continue? Why pour myself out onto the page? Why write what never gets read? Where do I find affirmation? Should I even try looking for affirmation? Is it important? Am I looking for fame? Are my efforts just causing me to become cynical? Should I even think about my vulnerability to being hurt by this process? Does anyone care?

Wow! What a Negative Nelly! Honestly, these thoughts do cross my mind. And I do appreciate those who comment on my blogs, but I am just beginning this part of the journey and I am trying to learn how God would direct me. Even if I have only an audience of One, right now I am in the right place doing the right thing. And I beg your forbearance as I stumble in the process. 

Right now I’m thinking about deleting this entire post, but I know those of you who care about me don’t mind  hearing my struggles, and I am thankful for that. Love you guys! 

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