Embracing God

I struggle still with what it means to live in grace and the moving forward into the new and improved version of me. I’ve come across this scripture twice now recently, in Romans 12, The Message version: “Embracing what God does for (me) is the best thing (I) can do for him.” This helps me because in essence it involves action (embracing) on my part, resolving the feeling that I must do something; yet totally relies on the infinite ability of God to achieve his work in me. And what does “embracing” require? Embracing speaks to me of intimacy, of full abandon. But it also speaks to me of knowing, of awareness, and time spent in relationship. I can learn what God does for me only when I learn who he is. And I can’t learn to recognize him if I am so distracted with trying to fix myself. Or on the other hand trying to avoid fixing myself. It’s true, on many levels I turn away from God knowing that change is a true part of following Christ. And, after all, I’ve become very comfortable in my complacency. But change can also be seen as growth, or better yet, life.

What has God done for me? He continually extends his grace to me. Yet, to limit his work only to grace, would be a crime. He has extended his life to me and in that there is much to be discovered.

Lord Jesus,

I pray that I may not become stagnant, but that I may come to know you more and more each day, learning to live life abundantly.

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