Wonderful Access

I just downloaded an app so I can access my blog on my phone!  It got me thinking about how technology has brought the world to our fingertips. How we can bring an amazing amount of information around with us right in our pocket! We can search for a five star restaurant, see what’s on the menu, send invitations out to several friends or family members, and have our phone tell us how to get there. Then we can take pictures of each other and what delicious meal we’re having and post it immediately to Facebook before we even get dessert. And while we’re at it we can add our location and rate the restaurant for free advertising for them.

But, technology hasn’t even begun to measure up to the access we have to God! Nor to his infinite knowledge, wisdom, love, forgiveness, grace, patience, provision, etc…… I may forget my phone, the battery may run down, or I may not get a signal, but, by his Holy Spirit, God is always accessible thanks to the power of the ressurection  of Jesus the Messiah!

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