For the next month or two you will see some things on here that maybe don’t fit too well. That’s because I’m going through an on-line course on writing and blogging. So my assignment was to examine myself and what upsets me and I just wanted to share. I don’t know why I let this get to me but it does. Does anybody else feel like this?

I have been laughed at for my pickiness when it comes to recycling at work. I get angry and frustrated with co-workers that can’t seem to understand what “clean paper” means. There are always those who throw in their plastic, their food containers, and their dirty paper towels or Kleenex. I estimate 90% of our garbage at work is recyclable. And I take the time and effort to sort my recycling and trash. And when it is my responsibility to gather the trash and recycling, I will sort through others refuse as well. It irks me to no end when other closing checkers just gather everything together in one trash bag and all the recycling ends up in the garbage. It’s not that hard! A child could do it! And another thing, what’s with all the receipt ends all over the checkstand and the floor. Is it really all that hard to take a split second and keep things neat and tidy?

Why does this bother me? It may have something to do with having raised 5 kids. If I couldn’t have my home clean then at least I should be able to have my workspace clean! Again, we’re adults here, not 5 year olds! And it is our planet. Shouldn’t we be doing what we can to keep it healthy and green, especially when it takes such little effort? And why doesn’t it bother other people? Why do I have to be the one who has to make a ruckus to get things on track? After all, the company is proud of its recycling efforts, and it’s the company that pays us to work there, so shouldn’t we participate in what is beneficial for all involved? Just saying.

3 thoughts on “Recycling

  1. I say “Rave On!” We should all be recycling! This world does NOT have unlimited resources — so recycling paper is a commendable way to stretch one resource — TREES. Any company, community, or family can easily recycle paper. Think too about aluminum cans and glass — to name a couple of other easily recycled materials from our homes. Recycling also creates jobs!

  2. Will be reading and watching your thoughts on the Tribe Writers course and the resulting writing exercises. Tribe Writers is definitely on my radar … just not in my budget. I admire you for making both the sacrifice and commitment to grow your tribe. Really enjoy Jeff’s writing … currently reading his newest book ‘The In-Between’

    1. Thank you, Bernie! It was a risk that produced some anxiety for me, but so far I am enjoying the push to be writing. Thank you for your comments and I count you as one who inspires me.

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