F is for…

I am not Feeling like writing right now but I am committed, so here goes:

F is for Fluoxetine. The third or fourth prescription I tried for my depression. This is the one that is working fairly well for me. So I had to include it in my positive changes. It’s always a battle giving in to getting help. I am proud of myself for taking this medicine because I know I am a better person for doing so. Sure, I would rather not take it, but the alternative is unacceptable.

Freedom is my next word; freedom to try, freedom to fail, freedom to succeed, and freedom from fear. I have given myself a kick in the pants and told myself it’s time to DO something. And so I am writing, I am moving past the fears of rejection, and judgments. I am making changes in my health, taking myself off automatic mode and thinking about what I’m eating and why. Taking myself to the doctor, or the counselor, or talking things out with a friend.

I have made changes in Frying. Did you know that you shouldn’t use olive oil on high heat? I didn’t. I knew olive oil was good for me so we always tried to use it. I bet you’ve heard you aren’t supposed to use non-stick pans on high heat. So what are you supposed to do? Well the changes we’ve made are: we’ve replaced our frying pans with ceramic coated pans and we use different fats depending on what flavor we want. I no longer use canola oil or any vegetable oils (click here.) We fry in butter, ghee, coconut oil, bacon fat or we even bought a tub of duck fat. Don’t get me wrong we still use olive oil in salad dressing or even on roasted vegetables, just not for frying.

Dear me! I almost forgot! Besides my wonderful new blender, my husband also bought me a new Food Processor for Christmas. I’ve used it to make my almond Flour. And I even made cashew butter. It works so much better than my old one and has a much higher capacity.

So I think the last word I can think of tonight is: Finding, finding what works. This past year or so has been a grand adventure for me of finding the things that work for me and my husband. I don’t expect everyone to be convinced to try the things I am trying, even my husband doesn’t do everything exactly like I do, but I have found so many benefits as I step out and take on the challenge of making my life the life I want to live. It really gets me all excited! Another F is Fifteen pounds! That is what I’ve lost in the past 4 months. I don’t have a lot to lose, maybe another 10 at best, but I’m finding my spunk! Oh and how about Fashion! For the very first time I actually bought some skinny jeans! Never thought I would ever look good in them but I’ve lost weight in places I would never have imagined, like my ankles and my thighs.

Well amazingly I have been able to reach 500 on a letter I didn’t know if I could. Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “F is for…

  1. Your alphabet writing experiment reveals a fascinating person living an interesting life … thanks for being so transparent in what you share! May you and yours truly be blessed IN Christ Jesus! Bernie

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