To “E” Continued…

So I had this awful feeling I had forgotten some pretty important E changes yesterday, and as I was taking my vitamins and showering this morning I remembered two of them: Elderberry Syrup, and Epsom Salt.

I don’t think I could write another 500 words on these two alone but we shall see.

The addition of elderberry syrup has kept my husband and I free from the nasty colds and flu that have been infecting almost everyone I know this season. I had intended to get my flu shot before my surgery in October, as I get this free through my benefits working at Safeway. However, the pharmacy was too, busy on my last day of work so I skipped it. I had read about the elderberry syrup from Wellness Mama, which is where I find many of my homemade recipes. Then I came across some dried elderberries at the new Organic Sandy market that had recently opened, and even though they were expensive, I decided to give it a try. I’m happy to report as of this writing, it was well worth the cost.

Now I have used Epsom Salt in my bath for many years, thanks to my mom’s suggestion, for aching muscles. The change comes from the knowledge of what Epsom Salt actually is: magnesium sulfate. The benefits are many including the absorption of magnesium through the skin, which helps with calcium metabolism. You can also use it as a spray if you are not into baths.

So I didn’t make it to 500, but I’m over half way and I have some other writing to do. See you tomorrow.

One thought on “To “E” Continued…

  1. Eileen Lettenmaier

    Thanks for crediting me for advising you to use Epsom salts in your bath.  Meanwhile, Dad and I have been trying to find Elderberry Tea or syrup — as advertised by Dr. Oz.  Still no luck — meanwhile I did have him take a couple of cups of Echinacea tea — which he choked down (because he don’t care for ANY TEA) — but I credit the tea with his quick return to good health.  Meanwhile I’m wondering if dried Elderberries are available year round??

    Meanwhile I’m enjoying your posts! Mom

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