E is for…

When I came to E, first my mind went blank and I said to myself, “What begins with E?” Then as the words began to come, I thought, I hope I’m not missing anything! Yet that was this morning and now I have to try and remember all the words I came up with.

I know the first change was Eggs. You know Eggs go with Bacon! Eggs and I have a troubled past. I’ve never really liked eggs, the only way I would eat them was scrambled with a load of cheddar cheese. But then I gave up dairy, and eggs and I parted ways. I would eat one on occasion when my husband fixed breakfast, but only one. If you travel back further into the past, when I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn’t even look at eggs without feeling nauseous. And what did I get for breakfast in the hospital the first morning after delivery? A soft boiled egg! When I cracked the shell and the egg began to ooze out, I nearly lost it. Fortunately for me, I have learned to appreciate eggs and their benefit for my health, so now I eat them over 50% of my breakfasts.

Another positive change I’ve made has to do with Encouragement. The typical way I deal with depression, fear, and anxiety is by sitting in my chair distracting myself with computer games. I now try and break that habit by seeking out encouragement from a friend, my husband, my mom, or online communities I’m connected with. I still need some improvement here, but I’m changing at my own pace. I also try not to absorb all the encouragement for myself, but I try more and more, to listen, and encourage others as well.

The next one is Enjoy, Enjoying, and Enjoyment, however you want to say it. This ties in somewhat to Beauty. It is appreciating the good things in life. It’s deciding to break my diet in favor of celebrating a special occasion. It’s pursuing the things that make me happy. It’s not nit-picking at my husband, but seeing all the wonderful qualities he possesses. It’s attempting to go into work with a positive attitude and remembering that I really do like my job, and the issues that arise, are not the end of the world. It means dancing in the living room even when the curtains are open and wearing my pajama’s as long as I want.

I have one change in progress, Engaging. This is a season of getting out there and doing things which require me to come into contact with other people. I still have that awkward child inside that is always concerned with what others are thinking, but she’s growing up finally and learning it’s best to let that go and engage!

I guess I have two in progress, becoming more Environmentally friendly. I’ve already made quite a few changes and I’m excited to explain. But you could find out by reading some of my old posts, or waiting for the upcoming posts. I believe we can all do some things. I find the easier they are, the more likely I am to do them.

That’s it for today. When I get to the end of the alphabet, I think I’ll have to do some make-up posts for things I’ve forgotten.

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