When You Seem Quiet, Lord

When you seem quiet, Lord
You are not hiding
You are beckoning me
To seek you
To quiet the shouting voices
That demand my attention
To pause, to exhale
And release the clenched tightness
I hold in my body.

When you seem quiet, Lord
I am the one who is not quiet
For I have filled
And poured
And stuffed my life
So full
I’ve no place left for you
To sit and be
With me.

When you seem quiet, Lord
And I finally notice
And I settle down in my chair
Clearing everything aside
Then the conversation
Can begin
And life doesn’t feel so hard
When you and I
Are talking once again.

This was inspired by “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young, who wrote “You can live as close to Me as you choose.”    I decided I choose to live closer.

2 thoughts on “When You Seem Quiet, Lord

  1. Valerie Rodriguez

    Dear Sandy,
    These are beautifully written thoughts sharing your love for our Lord. I hope you haven’t stopped writing and sharing. Sarah Youngs devotional have inspired many to draw closer to Him. TO LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE. but most of all…to be in AWE. God bless you!

    1. Sandy

      Thank you for your kind words. I tend to write sporadically. You can check out my blog thefarreachesofgrace.com where I think I will be continuing my writing. In Awe of Him was started from a class I was taking and I don’t have as much support here.

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