Today I start my ebook!

One of the reasons I keep quitting my online classes is that they want me to write an ebook to give away for free to encourage people to sign up on my email list. I’ve gladly given up my own email for free giveaways on other people’s sites and have gotten some great info this way. But I have been stumped as to what I could offer that would have enough value that people would really want to read. For instance, I write great poetry, but do you know how many poetry books I own? Zero! I enjoy reading a poem or two but it seems they are better in certain moods or situations. I love taking pictures for my computer wallpaper, I could give those away, but I tell myself I don’t have the skill or knowledge of how to put that together.

So this is what transpired – last night after giving in to my craving for chocolate, (which I just recently told myself I wasn’t going to do when one night I got about one hour of sleep!) I had an idea! (Actually I had lots of ideas!) I would write my first ebook on my health discoveries and call it  Writing My Own Prescription. 

I have been on this journey for I think about five years and have learned many amazing things. I’ve also learned that not everyone should follow the same plan. It’s important to listen to your own body, but also listen to the Holy Spirit. After all it is His temple we are dealing with.  

This morning I’m having a delicious pumpkin pie smoothie. So here is a freebie: Blend together – half of a banana, a small handful (about two small leaves) of frozen beet greens, a pinch of sunflower sprouts, a half can of coconut milk, a half carton of pumpkin, a tablespoon of gelatin/collagen powder, a quarter teaspoon of maca root powder, pumpkin pie spice and real organic maple syrup to taste. Drink warm or at room temperature.

Would love to hear what you think! Good idea? Good smoothie? Good grief what is she thinking? 

One thought on “Today I start my ebook!

  1. Eileen Lettenmaier

    Really sounds delicious! Will have to buy the ingredients when we get to Apache Junction and give it a try! Actually anything PUMPKIN sounds good this time of year! Good timing!

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