What Benefit In Trouble?

I am going through a difficult and stressful time in my life right now. The ups and downs remind me of being on a merry-go-round. Up and down, and round and round! And as I look to the future, God has not only promised to bless me, but tells me I will still have to work through troubles.

I’m pretty sure if you are a believer, you have asked at some point, what benefit there is to believing in God if you still have to go through the trials of life. After all, God is all-powerful.

You may even wonder if you are doing life right when sucky things are happening to you.

For me that looks like back pain and being on drugs that make my mind race, and I can’t sleep. (That’s why I’m writing, now.) The thought occurred to me today that I really don’t like this. That even as a believer, I can feel just as bad as someone who doesn’t know Christ.

So how is a believer better off than a non-believer? Song lyrics just popped into my head — ”I have this hope 🎶 in the depths of my soul 🎶.” (Music! What a ministering blessing.)

I found this scripture:

All praises belong to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. For he is the Father of tender mercy and the God of endless comfort. He always comes alongside us to comfort us in every suffering so that we can come alongside those who are in any painful trial. We can bring them this same comfort that God has poured out upon us.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 – TPT

That may sound a bit rough if you are using that to cheer up a friend. But what did Paul say he discovered?

It felt like we had a death sentence written upon our hearts, and we still feel it to this day. It has taught us to lose all faith in ourselves and to place all of our trust in the God who raises the dead… Because there are so many interceding for us, our deliverance will cause even more people to give thanks to God. What a gracious gift of mercy surrounds us because of your prayers!

2 Corinthians 1:9,11 – TPT

Even Paul admits it’s hard not to try to be his own man and figure it out. He put his hope in the ”Father of tender mercy and the God of all comfort” and he asked for prayer. Then something truly amazing happened: more people gave thanks to God.

That brings me to my reading in Psalms today, and why I write.

Write all this down for the coming generation, so re-created people will read it and praise the Lord! Tell them how Yah looked down from his high and holy place, gazing from his glory to survey the earth. He listened to all the groaning of his people longing to be free, and he set loose the sons of death to experience life.

Psalm 102:18-20 – TPT

I want to thank all my friends and family who support me with their prayers. They are a true benefit from God. I may be facing back surgery, I’ll know more this week, but at the same time my husband and I are purchasing property to build our dream home. The picture at the top is of the beach a couple of blocks from the property.

I pray if you are going through troubles, that you will find God bringing you comfort in the prayers and love of your family and friends, too. I am sure of this: God truly loves you and cares how you feel.

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