Last week I posted in a side note, about paying attention to what the Holy Spirit might be planting in your thoughts. Well, he also prompted the idea of October-Fast twice into my thoughts before I decided I should mull it over.

Here’s what I came up with:

Set-September: Set some goals, set on a plan, set on a course/path.
October-Fast: Fast from iPad & Kindle Fire recreation, social media, and email checks.
Remember-November: Visit with friends and family, find things to be thankful for.
December-Decide: Make conscious decisions regarding Christmas budget, food, & gifts.
Jump in-January: Start, invest, acquire, commit, accomplish, and execute.
February-Feast: Celebrate birthdays and Valentine’s Day, break the routine.
March-Forward: Recommit, make a new plan, make progress on an old plan.
Adjust in-April: Take stock, look at what’s not working, pivot.
May-Mayhem: Manage mayhem, schedule time with hubby for anniversary celebration.
Attuned in-June: Acknowledge God, listen to the Holy Spirit, listen to internal cues.
Jewel-July: Sparkle, celebrate, shine, flash, be a fireworks display.
August-Accept: Be present, be still, be.

As I traverse through FlourishWriters Academy, I’ve learned the value of planning yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly. I saw this as an opportunity to give each month a direction or focus. I decided to back up from October to finish September with the concept of ”Set” in order to fully prepare for a month of fasting my beloved devices.

I would like to invite you to join in the fun. You can come up with your own focus for each month or you can borrow from mine, although not everyone has a birthday in February or anniversary in May.

You can make up your own fast for October-Fast. I will still be using my devices for educational and writing-related purposes, as well as any non-time-wasting uses. I will, however, fast from reading fiction, playing games, and checking Facebook and email ten times a day. This will be an extreme challenge for me as I am pretty rooted in my routine and I find it helps me de-stress.

I am excited to see how much more I will accomplish when I don’t have these choices. I pray I will learn from the experience and take in all God has for me.

Will you join me?

Grace & Piece,


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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