Cuteness Overload


I’ve been reading a devotional on health. Today he wrote about different spheres of health, beginning with mind, body, and spirit, but including a few more. The point being that we need health in all areas of our life.

Cue the cuteness. Meet Finn and Meg. Two Aussiedoodles we picked out yesterday to keep us healthy in our retirement. Although they will likely put a strain on our financial sphere of health, they will more than make up for it with all the love, joy, and exercise they bring.

I imagine my walks on the beach will be much more entertaining and will also encourage social interactions of both the four-legged and two-legged kind.

Training will get me up out of my chair, too. I have become a bit of a couch potato. My normal activities are reading, writing, watching tv, and playing games on my iPad. I try to get out for a walk when the weather is nice, but I think I’ll learn to bundle up and wear a hat when it rains. (Oregonians are rarely umbrella users.)

We get our puppies at the end of January, so I’ll post more in February on my puppy adventures. For now, we’re going shopping for all the accoutrements.

Just curious, what are you doing to stay healthy?

Grace & Peace,


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