Lost in the Technology Jungle

Now that I am expecting an inheritance from my mom’s estate, I’ve been looking at getting a new laptop. The one I currently have was a Christmas gift from my husband about five years ago. I was absolutely thrilled when I opened my present as my previous laptop was heavy and would get overheated. But it didn’t take long to discover the shortcomings of my current one when I had to update Windows and didn’t have the storage available.

So I type in the search bar: best laptop 2022. Then I try: best laptop for writers. I peruse the different top 5, top 10, and top 12 lists that show up and soon come to realize there is so much I don’t know about technology and what is worth paying extra for. Do I need 16 GB Of RAM like I figured was my minimum or is 8 GB sufficient if the storage is large? How do the different memory and storage measurements affect the performance?

Another consideration is the webcam. I attend a lot of Zoom calls and some day I would like to try my hand at videos. Is it better to upgrade with a separate webcam or find a laptop with a quality built-in webcam? Is that even something to consider right now?

More important is the keyboard. With my current laptop, I end up accidentally bumping the mousepad, then find I am typing in the wrong spot. So frustrating! It’s one reason I type this blog on my iPad. Still, I need a laptop to write my novel. Do they make laptops with keyboards that don’t have this problem? Maybe the answer is a wireless keyboard and mouse.

If you have answers for me I would appreciate the help and maybe it will help some of my readers as well. Thanks ahead of time for any of you who will take the time to respond. You are awesome!

Grace & Peace,


Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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