Better Than Pop

Okay I realize this is not some extra-ordinary recommendation, but it is one of my favorites and I felt it was holiday appropriate.

I love to have cranberry juice mixed with seltzer water and a squeeze of lime. My favorite is Safeway’s O Organics cranberry juice cocktail because it has the right amount of cranberry juice to sugar ratio and is a beautiful dark red unlike some that look watered down so much they color the plastic bottle! I generally use one part juice to one to two parts seltzer water depending on if I use ice. You can add as much lime as you like or you can add one part Simply Limeade. This is a very refreshing drink and is better for you than pop. It is a great pairing with Mexican food as well as Thanksgiving dinner. Not to mention wonderful on a hot day but we wont see those for awhile.

Of course if you don’t like cranberries I love to mix seltzer with a variety of juices but I always return to my favorite.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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