I Am My God’s Beloved Bride

The past four days I was at a Christian workshop. Wow! That was awesome! Part of what I brought home with me was a new name; God calls me “My Beloved Bride.” And I am not only his beloved bride but I am also my husband’s beloved bride. What does that mean to me? It means that when God sees me he can’t help but smile, his heart aches to be with me and he cherishes me. He sees who I am and loves me without measure.

What does it mean to me with regard to my husband? It means that God is giving me the ability to see that my husband can see me as he did when we were first married. When we were the joy of each other’s hearts and there were no wounds there.

So I say to The Joy of My Heart, the father of my children, “Thank you for giving me up on this Father’s Day weekend. You are a bountiful treasure and I love you dearly!”

One thought on “I Am My God’s Beloved Bride

  1. Beautiful! I love your description of how you and your husband can see each other like when you were first married. God bless your marriage, how you see each other and your vision of how you see yourself.

    I am blessed to see you as a wise and beautiful woman and best of all- a friend.

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