Not a Worthwhile Poem

Time to write, I know not what.

It seems I’ve been in quite the rut.

No words flow, no words stick,

It’s enough to make this writer sick!


Seriously though, I’ve been in the throes of some tense situations these past weeks. The advice of my psychologist is to take time to think about the positive things in my life and to soak them up. When I stop and “count my blessings” there really are many things for which I’m thankful. Not only that, but, I am learning to just stop and think about something good and stop stressing over stuff I have no control over.

I am really anxious to be writing something but I haven’t had much inspiration. Or I’m just not motivated to sit down and challenge my brain to come up with something original and worthwhile.

Goodness, gracious, I still can’t write this blog without whining even just a little! I’m so used to talking about my weaknesses I forget I have strengths to share as well. I mean just look at that lovely poem at the beginning of this post! Not everyone can do that! I’m ready to laugh at myself and stop taking everything so seriously!

So, let me issue a challenge, if you are up to it: Post a silly, frivolous, or laughable poem in my comments and I will share it so we can help each other find some lighthearted brightness in our day.

2 thoughts on “Not a Worthwhile Poem

  1. I GROWL sometimes
    Really LOUD inside
    (With just a mad and scowly face and grumbly roar outside)

    I used to run and hide away
    Or say a whole lot more,
    (Like yelling at the universe would even out the score)

    But it would cause more anger
    And just a lot more trouble
    (And if my words would hurt a friend my pain would only double)

    So I have learned, I need
    To face all of my feelings,
    To GROWL it out, but never shout and don’t send people reeling.

    I may feel mad, I may feel fierce
    I may not stop all of my tears
    But I can choose to keep a friend,
    Cuz, “Oh my gosh, I sure need them!”

    🙂 thanks for the challenge, Sandy 🙂

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