In Sickness, and In Health

We always want the good part of the wedding vows to be all there is to marriage, but love would be shallow if that was our experience. This season has been full of trials for my husband and I. It would have been easier if we took turns being on the negative end but for us it has been a time when we are both needy and our ability to give has been challenged.

Between my bout’s with depression, stress from work, and fibroid troubles; and his stress from work, physical challenges, and injuries; we are pretty much depleted. Fortunately, it is not because we lack the desire to care for one another. Our love is strong, and we are happy to be married to each other. It just doesn’t seem fair to have us both struggling at the same time when our heart is to “be there” for the other person.

It’s in times like these that I appreciate my husband the most. I begin to realize how much I depend on him for support and how often I have taken him for granted. How I wish I could make things right for him, to ease his troubles and pain. I think, I am not enough for him, and I wish I had all the answers. It is not easy, I am not enough, and I don’t have all the answers; but I know, sometimes it is enough just to be there. He and I together, that’s enough.

One thought on “In Sickness, and In Health

  1. Well said!! Marriage is not about beautiful music, sunshine & roses — just being there for your partner in good times and bad should be enough. However we all need a dose of beautiful music, sunshine & roses now and then to help us appreciate all the support we receive during our “down” times!

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