Grace’s Invitation

Visiting the beginnings of this blog.

the far reaches of grace


So I’ve set out on this path of discovery, (having chosen the title: The Far Reaches of Grace,) delving into God’s word, seeking definition and direction. I came across this portion of scripture from The Message in Romans chapter 5, that grace invites us into life.

I am astounded at the thought of that and have to just pause and consider what is being said. When I think about it I become excited and wonder what God can accomplish in my life if I will but heed the call.

God’s grace tugs at my heart

Whispering victory over sin

Stirring joy, instilling peace

And grand excitement from within


Though my mind forever battles

All the world holds in it’s hand

And it seems so overwhelming

In His grace I know I’ll stand


For the future is a mystery

The present like a maze

The past beyond undoing

I’m so…

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