H is for…

I’m starting on a sour note, yesterday was a bear and at the end of it all my computer glitched! 😛 So writing about positive changes in a foul mood is not an easy task. But one positive change I Hold On to is Hope! I have to hold on tight, because I am a person easily discouraged. I turn everything inward and it takes effort to remember I am not alone. I have hope! In fact as I blogged about my tattoo not being visible I began thinking about possibly getting one more, it would read “Faith, Hope, & Love” from the scriptures. I like being reminded about God’s grace when I look at my tattoo in the mirror, and I wouldn’t mind going through the pain of getting a tattoo to remind myself of the important things in this life. It’s just a thought at this point.

Healthy choices are definitely one of the biggest and most encompassing definitions of positive changes I am making. It’s one I always try to make and it is one that seems the most elusive. You know how it goes, one day they tell you one choice is healthy and the next day it’s not, or vice versa. If only this was simpler! I’m happy with the choices I am making now and I really do try to be educated in my decisions. Take for instance the big decision of having a Hysterectomy; how many years of various problems, various trials of natural coping methods, and books and websites on menopause symptoms, did I go through before getting to the place of saying, “This is the right decision.”? It may have been a lot but it was just the right amount and I can truthfully add my hysterectomy to my list.

I have to add my Husband to the list or more specifically how I perceive my husband. When you get married at 19 and stay married for 36 ½ years perceptions change and sometimes not for the better. I, however, see my husband as the man of my dreams. He is everything I need and everything I want. You may think I’m lying, but it’s true. We aren’t the perfect couple and we have our problems and our disagreements, but they are small in comparison to the way I feel he is just right. He is strong and supportive in my weak areas, he is talented, and handy, and smart. My husband cooks dinner for me and puts up with my bouts of depression, encouraging me and reminding me I will get through it, just relax. I know he loves me, because he lives out his love for me. I wonder sometimes how I got so lucky! He is the one who teaches me generosity. He reminds me I am beautiful.

H may not have the most words but it definitely has some of the most important words in my life! I am certainly a better person because of these. All my love to you, Gene! I look forward to the best of our years ahead of us!

One thought on “H is for…

  1. Well, Sandy … this is grace!
    Beginning on a sour note and ending on such a beautiful note.
    You also have me thinking about a tattoo.
    Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered one … but now, perhaps I should …. 🙂

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