I is for…

Well, before I begin with I, I have another G and another H: G is for Glass storage containers. One of the big changes I’m making is changing over from plastic to glass. I can’t really say if it is making a difference health wise, but I feel better using them, especially reheating in the microwave, (no, I’m not giving up my microwave.) H is for Himalayan Salt. Not only am I using this in my food, but I also have two beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps on our bedside tables. They are meant to have an air purifying ability as they create negative ions which reduce the positively charged dust particles in the air. Again, I can’t tell you for sure if the claims are true, but they are beautiful and I’m very happy with them.

Okay, on to I! First I want to tell you my New Year’s resolution: I want to be more Intentional. Much of my time is spent, or I should say wasted, on TV and the computer. These are my coping drugs of choice. What I mean is if I begin to feel stressed or depressed I choose to sit in my chair and veg out. It’s a way to quiet my mind. But I have a bunch of things I want to do, so I want to change from wasting time to intentionally sitting down to distress, or I want to intentionally write, or intentionally make a meal. I guess it’s the difference from habit to choice; being more self-aware, doing things on purpose or to achieve a goal.

The example of making a meal may not make sense enough to someone else to be included here but for me, I must have a slight eating disorder. I usually wait until the last minute to get something to eat and if it requires fixing, first I have to clean the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if I leave dishes after I eat, but I can’t think if the kitchen is messy. I would rather fuss over what I’m wearing than take the time to fix something to eat before I go to work. So it’s even more important that I have healthy options that I can just grab and eat. Making these healthy changes is a hard process for me, because most healthy food requires thought and preparation.

I believe that’s why these challenges work for me, I become more intentional. I have a goal and I know when I’ve achieved it.

The last two I’s are related: I-phone and I-pad. My I-phone is a change from an android phone, the biggest difference for me is that I can play my I-tunes without any hassle. I added my I-pad with the intention of using it for my new business, basically making a portable office. Then I had my husband change over to the I-phone because I wanted to be able to use Face Time with him. I’m still waiting for that opportunity, since he usually calls me while he’s driving somewhere.

2 thoughts on “I is for…

  1. I like it! Intentional … hmmmmm Yep, I like it. I came up with my ‘One Word’ for the year which was clean. But the Holy Spirit interjected inspire last week. So I just want you to know that your blog on the letter I has inspired me to make some changes as well. Thanks for putting it out there Sandy. I love you for your openness and honesty. Most of the time I don’t even think about why I do or do not do what I do – I just do it and then suffer consequences. I’m looking at my dirty dishes on the counter but I just finished doing my finger nails this morning. hmmmm – what takes priority? #insertlittlesmileyfacerighthere.

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