J & K are for …

I get to tell you another story about the Awaken Workshop I attended: I had been seeing my counselor, and my doctor to treat my depression and anxiety at the first part of last year when I had two friends suggest I attend. So I did!  I really didn’t have any specific expectations. I was just hoping to find some direction regarding my involvement in my church’s worship team. What surprised me was, I found my Joy. Not only did I find it, but I found the fight in me to hold on to it. I came to understand that my joy was a gift given me by my God. I came away knowing: I am my King Daddy’s precious princess, freely dancing into the joy which is my inheritance. I was so radiant with joy coming out of Awaken that people commented that I was beaming. I now know joy is worth fighting for.

Another positive change is giving up Junk food. Or should I say mostly giving up junk food. It started when I had to give up dairy and peanuts, no more Snickers candy bars for me. Most chocolate  is made with dairy in it, but fortunately for me they do make some chocolate chips without dairy. But how do you make chocolate chip cookies when you’ve given up all grains? I’ve given up pop, doughnuts, ice cream, cookies, cake, tortilla chips, potato chips, and French fries. Again, I give myself permission on special occasions, but in the daily scheme of things I don’t bring these into the house.

Oh well, I can’t come up with any more J’s; so, on we go with K, which will probably be even harder.

I would love to put down Knitting. I actually have knit back when I was just a kid. My grandmother taught me to knit, but she lived  across the state and I only saw her on occasion. You should have seen the afghan I was making back then, it was such a beautiful pattern, but the inconsistency of my knitting habits showed up in tight, then loose, then tight, then loose stitches. Not a pretty sight. I don’t knit now because I have forgotten how to cast-on. If you know about knitting you know you can’t do anything if you don’t know how to cast-on. I’ve made it as far as purchasing a how-to-knit book but it is low on the priority list. It’s a someday dream.

And finally, I have found K is for Kindred Spirits! This one is similar to having Good Friends, however, the Kindred Spirits I have are not found solely in my group of friends, but I’ve met some on-line as well. This is a benefit I’ve received through engaging. If you are reading this you may be one of my Kindred Spirits. I am so blessed to find these people in my life, those who share something in common with me, like singing, or writing, or interests in healthy foods, or most of all a real relationship with The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yay! And thank you for being you!

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