L is for …

So when life gives you Lemons you make Turmeric Ginger Lemonade. This is one of the recipes I’ve found that is supposed to help you stay healthy. Part of an everyday health habit, which I haven’t gotten in to. I do try to drink it often, though. I hear you can make it with fresh turmeric root but I haven’t been so lucky as to find any. I guess it has a specific season but who knows when it is in season? LOL. (If any of you know the answer please let me know in the comments.)

Lists are one of the positive things I do whenever I get overwhelmed. In fact I’m going to make a list as soon as I finish writing this post as I realized I’m in the midst of reading 5 books, taking a writing challenge, taking a writing course, corresponding regarding illustrations for a children’s book I want to publish, starting a devotional book, plus research for another book idea, having some webinars I want to attend, doing my books for my business, plus continuing to move forward in my business, plus my regular job, not to mention the package of 80 or more e-books on diet and health I downloaded that I haven’t even looked at. And don’t forget the baby afghan I need to finish. I love all these things, but I definitely need to prioritize!

I really want to put something down on this page, but I’m hesitant, because it is something personal. But it’s never stopped me from sharing before so here goes: Another positive change I’ve made is Leopard Print. I have always been very practical when it comes to my undergarments. Generally they are either nude or black. I always felt they were meant to make you look your best from the outside. So last year when I went to go bra shopping I tried on a couple of leopard print bras. I felt so wild! I am now the proud owner of 2 leopard print bras, one hot pink and one brown and black with black lace. I do have to make adjustments, wearing a tank under some of my shirts so they don’t show through. But it’s amazing how just a little change can make you feel powerful and beautiful at the same time! I may come to regret sharing this but I think Christian women shouldn’t be ashamed to be sexy with their choices of clothing that only their husband sees.

And of course that leads to Loving. Jesus gives us his greatest commandment that we should love one another. Depression turns me inward so loving others is a concentrated effort. Putting others first does not come naturally to me. I hate to admit it but it’s true. I am changing how I interact with people, trying to remember to Listen, without racing to turn the conversation to what I’m going through or how poorly my day has gone. I wish I could say I’m more improved than I am, in fact, just writing this down is upsetting to me because I’ve turned a paragraph about loving others around to how poorly I’m doing. Well I may still need some work, but I am improving, and I desire to improve!

My last L is Learning. I can’t really call it a change, because we are constantly learning. But I have thrown myself into learning mode and opened myself up to seek out the things that will help me be a better me.

One thought on “L is for …

  1. I’m not going to comment every day – – but I look forward to your blog each day — read it and enjoy it. You sound just like another “sponge” — trying to soak it all up in just one lifetime! Well, I personally believe that is a good trait!! And guarantee a list is a positive move in the right direction!!! I too, should really try to make more lists!

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