N is for …

To tell you the truth I have been waiting for this letter to come up because it represents a big, scary change in my life. Well maybe not scary, but certainly anxiety producing.

You see as of October 1, 2013, I became an Independent Norwex Consultant. Before July I hadn’t even heard of Norwex. I had been invited to a Norwex party that my daughter was having after being unable to attend a party my other daughter had had. I wasn’t too keen on going but being a good mother, I went. I was impressed by the company and the product. I thought if it was as good as they made it sound, I could possibly consider selling it as a means to transition from Safeway to retirement. (I also thought maybe my daughters would be interested in doing this with me, but – no.) So I waited and tried the product I had ordered and I loved it. I had my surgery scheduled and six weeks off from work – why not start a business?

I may be a better customer than I am a salesman, but I still enjoy showing off the products. You know how I get excited about great things!

The first thing I liked about the company was their mission statement: “Improving quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.” The second thing I liked was I can clean pretty much the whole house with just water! The third thing I liked was I can shower and wash my face with just water! The fourth thing was there was a personal testimony of a customer using the body cloths and her skin tags going away! The fifth thing was the cloths don’t smell because the antibacterial properties due to the silver embedded in the fibers. The sixth thing was I could earn or my hostesses could earn major free products!

As I progressed I was able to get more and more of the products and so far I have loved them all. Other than the microfiber cloths they have a line of enzyme cleaning products, as well as skin care, and their impressive mop system. I wish I had a line of people willing to have parties, because I believe in these products, and what it means for our environment. But most people are like me and find having a party to be difficult. People in general are over-scheduled, busy, and just want to chill out.

I may not make a fortune selling Norwex, but I’m moving forward with the plan, excited to share my discovery with whoever will listen.

One last N word – I’m learning when to say No. I’ve always been one of those people that first of all finds affirmation in being asked, and secondly I feel guilty if I say no for no “good” reason. I am definitely a people pleaser, and I wouldn’t want anyone to think less of me, which means saying no is very stressful for me. But I’m learning to weigh the stress of saying no to the stress of saying yes and justifying my no’s when the yes’s cause more stress. Maybe that sounds like “duh!” but for me it’s hard.

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