Q is for …

Sometimes you have to let a letter sit for a while before anything appears in your mind. Q is like that. And then sometimes it seems not as important at first until you really think hard about it. Q. being the odd letter she is, is represented in my life as Quit or Quitting. The biggest positive change in my life is I have quit quitting. In the past, whenever I hit a bump in the road, I would quit whatever I was doing, sit and stew for awhile, until the next brilliant idea came along. I wasn’t actually quitting but in my spirit a part of me was and I was telling myself I’ll never succeed at anything. So I suppose on the outside it was looking like I was just re-thinking, or maybe I just had a better idea, but on the inside I was chipping away at my soul. The change doesn’t look like much on the outside, I still have to reassess things in the process; but on the inside, I’m determined. I’ve quit quitting.

That doesn’t mean I don’t quit things. In fact, I have quit a bunch of things which I will include as a positive change as well. I have quit eating or drinking:

  1. Pop
  2. Processed Meats (like lunchmeats, or meats with added nitrates or nitrites)
  3. Canola & Vegetable Oils
  4. All Grains (including bread, cereal, cake, cookies, rice, oatmeal)
  5. Peanuts
  6. Dairy (milk, ice cream, yogurt, milk chocolate)
  7. Frozen Dinners

I’ve also cut back on white potatoes and soy. I should also mention my disclaimer that I am not going to be 100% on these because life is to short not to indulge on occasion.  For my everyday, this is the new me.

So now I’m debating, do I try to write another 200 words on Q, or do I go on to R? R should be an easy letter, and I don’t want to short it.

Q is also for Quiet. Again I’ll bring up raising 5 kids; it was rarely quiet around here. Now that the kids are grown, I love the quiet. I’ve never minded being alone. I feel the most creative in the quiet. I cleaned houses for a while and I would love to go about the houses cleaning and singing and talking with God.


In quiet stillness I find rest
From the bustle of the day;
 Every trial, every test
Receding slowly from the fray.

Until the peace of God is with me,
Calming deep within my soul
All the fear and all the worry,
All in life that takes its toll.

In this special place of quiet
All my dreams take wings and soar!
Inspired by His Holy Spirit
I see what I could not see before!

Lord, I pray for my readers, that you would be with them in the quiet and I thank you for being in mine. Help us always to seek out that place where we can let go of our day knowing you have everything in your hands. Amen!

3 thoughts on “Q is for …

  1. Let me encourage you … you are really doing a great job on this 500 words of writing a day challenge for January. Is Quiet one of your original poems? Truly enjoyed it … Be blessed IN Christ Jesus my sister! Bernie

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