My List – My Last 500 Word Entry

As I come to the close of the My 500 Words challenge, I would consider it a positive experience. I was able to look through many good things in my life. I am thankful for the opportunity to share and I feel supported by my writing community. The issue I’m facing now is feeling directionless once again. I took the time to write out all the things I have started and not finished, things I have wanted to start but haven’t, and things I must do but find myself overwhelmed and having dificulties moving in any direction. Coming from a history of having depression one thing I’ve learned is to break things down and pick one thing and do that. Sometimes it’s just the starting that is hard. It doesn’t help when the sky is overcast! I used my light therapy light but it’s not the same as a sunny day.

So here is my list:

Books I’m reading:

  1. Eats, Shoots & Leaves – on page 43 of 120
  2. Becoming Myself – on page 20 of 207
  3. Captivating – on page 178 of 208
  4. A Scandalous Freedom – on page 28 of 193
  5. Quiet – on page 196 of 360
  6. The Keeper – on page 9 of 16

Projects I have to work on:

  1. Hem Gene’s PJ’s
  2. Resize Gene’s PJ’s
  3. Cut out and sew Gene’s PJ’s
  4. Cut out and sew my PJ’s
  5. Refinish jewelry box
  6. Finish crocheting Taylor’s blanket

Norwex tasks:

  1. Call client to finish Norwex Party
  2. E-mail answer regarding booking Norwex Party
  3. Place Norwex order today!
  4. Finish Norwex tax prep
  5. Wash and organize Norwex
  6. Write Thank You notes
  7. Send Hostess info

Writing course and Blog tasks:

  1. Start devotional e-book
  2. Write 500 words today is the last day
  3. Find a workable schedule and direction going forward for blog


  1. Take time to dance and exercise
  2. Practice my flute
  3. Write songs
  4. Try guitar again
  5. Set goals for a new house
  6. Set goals for travel/Ariel’s wedding

So the first thing I need to do is place my Norwex order and call my hostess to finish the order. Time makes that the place to start, but I don’t want to forget to find time for all the other things that are just as important.  Well I guess that is the second thing because here I am writing my last 500 words, which is good, since I missed the last couple of days.

One more list:

A – Almonds (and Awaken)
B – Bacon, Bone Broth, Blender, Beauty, Blessings (and Blogging)
C –  Confidence in Christ, Challenges, Changes, Coconut Oil, Caveman Crunch, Crocheting, Crystal Deodorant,  Chrissy, Cut & Color, Counseling, Control, and Cosmetics
D – Daring to Develop my Dreams, Delight, Desire, Direction
E – Eggs, Encouragement, Enjoyment, Engaging, Environmentally friendly, Elderberry syrup, Epsom salt
F – Fluoxetine, Freedom, Frying, Food processor, Finding what works, Fifteen pounds
G – Grace, Good friends, Grass-fed, Ghee, Giving up Grains, Generosity, Glass
H – Hope, Healthy choices, Hysterectomy, Husband, Himalayan salt
I – Intentional, Ipad, Iphone
J – Joy, Junk food
K – Knitting, Kindred spirits
L – Lemonade, Lists, Leopard print, Loving, Learning
M – Making time to Meet friends, renewing My Mind, Music, Movies
N – Norwex, saying No
O – Open, Organic, Order, Organization
P – Poetry, Poems, Posts, Praise, Prayer, Persistence, and Patience
Q – Quit Quitting, Quiet
R – Releasing Regrets and Relinquishing Responsibilities, Realizing Resistance, Relationships, Rejoicing
S – Scared, Succumbing to Stress, Sims, Strict
T – Thinking about good Things, Touch, Turn off the TV, Tea, Toothpaste
U – Understanding, Uncovering, Under the shadow of His wings
V – Vivacious, Voice, Victory
W – Writing, Words, Wonder
X  – An example of partnering
Y – Yielding
Z – Zealous, Zany

Blessings to you today!

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