Crushing or Crashing?

So I really wanted to invite everyone to try this Valentine’s challenge that we got in our buletins last Sunday. See pic:

Love ChallengeI thought this was a great idea, especially since my birthday falls into this week. (The “crushing” in my title refers to my crush on my husband!)

But then when I was on my way home after work tonight (after buying some notecards to fulfill day one,) I was hit by a car! See pic:

MazdaYou can see the snow is pretty packed. What’s hard to see is I’m facing the wrong direction! So my plans to start this challenge fell through the cracks as I was pretty much in shock at what had happened. It all happened in slow motion, I was waiting to turn onto my street as a car was approaching from the top of the hill and I didn’t want to turn in front of him. As I waited the car started to turn in my direction and I was thinking why is this car pulling into my lane? Then I realized it had lost control and it literally slammed right into me! I didn’t have time to think, in fact I probably did the worst thing I could do and slammed my foot on the brake as the car hit me. I went spinning around and I couldn’t see anything and it smelled like smoke, because both front air bags triggered. I love my car! :,( I thought for sure I had broken my nose, it hurt, and my hand hurt, but I was in one piece. Later I noticed my forearm is bruised, probably from the air bag. I imagine I’ll discover more in the morning. My husband says my windshield broke, I didn’t even notice. I had things I wanted to buy for my birthday, but now I may have to go car shopping!

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