Adventures in Retreat Planning

Ever since our ladies retreat a few weeks ago, I have been so excited to take on the lead for next year’s retreat, so much so that I can’t stop thinking about it! The Holy Spirit is pouring ideas into my head and I can’t contain it all without it spilling out all over the place. In less than a month I have put together my team, understood the vision, found the supporting scripture and named the retreat. Plus, we have tentatively reserved the same retreat center.

I want to share my experience as I go through this, but I have to chose what I share carefully, being mindful of keeping somethings reserved so I don’t spoil the surprise for those who will be attending.

You should know that this is not my first time planning a retreat. I have had the privilege of working on two previous retreats, both times with three of us working together. Both times, with wonderful ladies. Both times were full of ups and downs as to be expected. And both times resulting in awesome retreats. So why is this time any different? And why change what seems to work just fine? All I can say is God set me on fire! I’m changing things up and I’m taking full responsibility if it doesn’t work out. 

So this part I can share – the first thing I changed was the number of ladies on the planning committee, there are five of us! At first thought I wouldn’t think that this was wise since one of the struggles we had in the past was trying to get the three of us together for a meeting. But part of the vision is utilizing the strengths of each lady to make a strong whole. This brings up an important point, you have to know your own weaknesses and strengths and be able to recognize or discover the weaknesses and strengths in others. So in putting together my team, I sought, not only those I consider to have a strong faith and a willing heart, but those who would compliment me and each other. I am so thrilled with how this is going so far! (Just a side note here, I say, “I”, a lot, and I want to acknowledge the fact that two ladies volunteered, one of which was on the previous planning committee; and, I fully believe in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and His ability to work out God’s plan. That being said, God chooses to work through us, and we get the awesome privilege to say yes!)

So right now I am working on the next phase of the plan – the sub-committees. That makes even more than five! It’s all part of the vision. This part will include 4 committees; Facility, Speaker, Worship, and Prayer. I can’t wait to see it take shape. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, would you keep us in your prayers, I know God wants to do great things, not only for us, but for you, too! And if you know me personally, pray about going to this retreat, you have a year to prepare. 🙂

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