Paths of Peace

God is so funny. I am up past midnight tonight, my husband is in Cleveland. I’m just wasting my time watching tv and playing stupid computer games. I was just about to head for bed when I decided to read  the daily devotional “Jesus Calling” that I have on my iPad. If you have it check out the entry for October 24th, so I don’t get in trouble for copying it here. 

Anyway, the reason God is so funny is that beginning with some thoughts I had yesterday and today, I began to get inspired for this blog! My thoughts were about how stress can be just as bad for you as eating poorly or having a chronic illness. I also am an expert on being stressed! LOL! So my thought was to take each stressful situation in my life and discover ways to de-stress. And not in an unhealthy manor like eating chocolate or playing computer games, but in ways that are good for you and honor and acknowledge God. The funny part was when I read the devotional and it was like God was telling me I finally figured it out, that that was exactly right. And I laughed. And I just had to write this post and share my excitement with you. 

I hope you will find yourself benefiting from my learning to manage my stress and learn some new ways to find that peaceful path. Thanks for listening.


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