Adventures in Retreat Planning – Part 3

It’s not about me! And it is about me! After facing another setback and nearly having a complete breakdown, I had to take a look at why I was taking on planning a retreat. Was I “called” to do this? What was God’s intention? I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit reminding me that it wasn’t about me, but it was His plan for this body of women and when I found resistance it was to His work and not mine. In the same way it is about me. About maturing my spirit to be able to work through the setbacks, placing my hope and my trust that God does have a plan, and it is to prosper His people. More to come, but time to head to work…

One thought on “Adventures in Retreat Planning – Part 3

  1. Eileen Lettenmaier

    Good luck!!  Just hang in there, it seems to me that you thrive when being a leader — even though you tend, on occasion, to question your leadership abilities.  A perfectly normal consequence when you invest your heart and soul in a project — especially if someone questions your presentation or the value you have assigned to it.  Remember who your partner is and be guided by HIM!Mom

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