Writing is Cathartic

Writing is cathartic. Which just means it is a way of purging strong emotions. I think that is why I usually write when life is hard. It’s important not to keep things bottled up and it’s important to stop and look at the feelings and not just ignore them. I found out something today that I don’t know how to deal with my feelings. I can’t really talk about it to anyone without breaking confidence because it is not mine to share. But my feelings are great sorrow mixed with anger and helplessness. 

This would be enough to make me down, yet it is not the only situation affecting me. There is another situation that affects not just me but my entire family, especially my husband. Again it is not my story to share, and again I am feeling sorrowful and helpless. 

The best thing I know to do is write and pray. This helps me keep my feelings from overwhelming me so I can be there for my friends and family. The greatest commandment Jesus gave us was to love one another. I’m thankful that I can share my feelings in writing, or I would be awake all night thinking about all this. And I’m thankful that God will hear my prayers and His answers will be good. I’m thankful for this opportunity to think of others and I pray my love will be expressed sincerely and not just with words but with actions as well.

2 thoughts on “Writing is Cathartic

  1. Eileen Lettenmaier

    Wishing you success and LOVE as you move forward with new thoughts and goals! I believe you were born to write and / or communicate!! Life is a mystery!! Goals can be met and discarded, making room for new thoughts and adventures!! Enjoy the next reality!! Love you FOREVER!!

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