Sleepless Nights

These are our Aussiedoodles, Finn and Meg. Yes, they are both the same breed. In fact, they are litter mates. This picture was taken a few months ago, but I want to talk about what happens when you combine two rambunctious pups with visiting kids.

Finn and Meg are normally rambunctious in their play, but add in small dog-size grandkids or nieces and you have a recipe for dogs that act like they’ve had a couple shots of espresso, forgetting any semblance of being trained.

The pups sleep in their crates at night with no problem unless we have company, and last night was the worst. Meg couldn’t settle down and whined for almost an hour before she quieted down, only to wake me at 2:30 AM crying and yipping until I got up. I let her into the bedroom and she immediately jumped on the bed and peed on my husband. I ushered her out the door where she peed on the door mat outside. I guess she had been so excited with the visitors she forgot to pee when I let her out before bed.

That would have been bad enough, but of course, Finn woke up and wanted out of his crate. That led to the two of them trapped in the bedroom with three of my nieces on an air mattress in the next room. The pups jumped on and off the bed, cried by the door, and begged for pets for the next hour. They eventually settled down, but promptly woke us up at their normal breakfast time of 5:30 AM.

So with only four hours of sleep, I will be having a full day of entertaining my brother, sister-in-law, and five kids. I’ll have a great time, but I’ve learned a lesson over the holidays. It’s time to try moving the crates into the bedroom when we have guests, so the pups will settle down sooner and not pee on the bed.

Prayers appreciated.

I’ll switch to my normal style blog Monday when company’s gone.

Grace & Peace,


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