Thanksgiving Update

So in my previous post, Sometimes, No Matter; I Invited you to check up on me after my hysterectomy. I will tell you I questioned my decision right up to the time I went in for surgery. I want to tell you my doctor, nurses, and hospital staff were absolutely wonderful. The guy who admitted me was cracking jokes at 5:30 in the morning, helping all of us going in for surgery to feel at ease. The nurse that gave me my IV was the best IV giver I’ve ever experienced. My friends came at 7:00 AM to pray with me, what troopers! And when my doctor came in after surgery, she informed me I had no signs of endometriosis, I was able to keep my ovaries, and I got a bonus tummy tuck! Woo Hoo! I made friends with my nurses and am hoping to hear back from one of them.

I am now six weeks post op and have to return to work on Monday, but I am feeling great. I’ve lost 14lbs between diet changes and surgery and no longer look like I’m 3 months pregnant. (Which is what my doctor told me was the size of my uterus. I even have a picture to prove it.)

Thank you to all who prayed for me! And if any of you need prayers through surgery and the decision making process, count me in. That’s it for now, we are heading out to go Christmas Tree hunting with our granddaughters in the 27 degree weather. Brrrrrr!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Update

  1. Adrianna Henry

    This is SO great to hear, Sandy! What an awesome experience it turned out to be! Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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