Possessing the Harder Faith – Intro

Wouldn’t it be easy to believe in God if every time we prayed we would have immediate results? Like: “Heavenly Father, I’m short fifty bucks this week” – and Bam! – we go to the mailbox and sure enough we have a note from Aunt Chrissy, saying, “Here is fifty bucks. I just knew you would need it.” Or we pray: “Lord Jesus, please heal my headache,” as we place our hands on our head – and Poof! – no more pain.

Wouldn’t it be great if God was like a vending machine for miracles, we put in a prayer and out pops our answer?

If God wants us to believe in him, why doesn’t he always give us what we ask for? When some people get miracle answers and others don’t, are they being given special treatment? If they are, am I not special enough?

The Holy Spirit can lead us into the truth. Will you come on this journey with me as we discover what is meant by “possessing the harder faith”?

4 thoughts on “Possessing the Harder Faith – Intro

  1. Yes Sandy it would be something. Instead God chooses to answer some prayers and he invites us to trust Him when the answers don’t come. To trust who he is more than what he can do for us. Loved your post.

  2. I was actually thinking of that recently because I live with faith but at the same time God has not healed my spinal cord injury after multitudes of prayers for my healing by people who really do have faith.

    I thought, “If God healed every person every time someone prayed for them, people would come to God JUST to get that and not for the reasons He wants us to come: love for him and faith in Him though He is unseen.

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