C is for…

I only had time this morning to write my list of C’s. My Sea of C’s! I keep coming up with more but this will have to do for today: Confidence in Christ, Challenges, Changes, Coconut Oil, Caveman Crunch, Crocheting, Crystal Deodorant,  Chrissy, Cut & Color, Counseling, Control, and Cosmetics.

I want to start with Confidence in Christ, I could easily write 500 words just on this topic alone but I wanted to bring up the positive change attending the Awaken conference brought in my life since I missed it on the A’s. One of the many benefits I received was letting go of my thoughts that I, unlike everyone else I know, was beyond repair. The funny thing is I didn’t realize how much these thoughts kept me down. The difference now is I don’t focus on what’s broken, or insufficient, or anxiety-ridden; I look at Christ and what he sees in me, what he desires for me. Then I rest in him.

The next ones go together: Challenges & Changes. I’ve taken on a few challenges, structured and unstructured, that require me to make changes, big and small, difficult and exciting . This is one of them, writing 500 words a day. As you read more you’ll hear about other challenges I’ve taken on and benefited from.

Coconut Oil is another of my additions to my diet, but more than that I use it in the shower instead of shaving cream. It leaves my skin so soft! It has many health benefits which others are more qualified to expound upon. Another wonderful addition is Caveman Crunch, a recipe by George Bryant. If I’m craving cereal for breakfast, I find I’d much rather have this. You should definitely look this up. (One day I’ll come back and add links to this but for now, you’re on your own.)

I used to crochet and then I stopped. Now I am crocheting again. I’m making a blanket that was supposed to be for my new granddaughter’s birth, then it was supposed to be for Christmas, now I’m thinking it will be better for next Christmas since I made my own pattern and it is really more of a full size afghan than it is a baby blanket! It’s just I got so frustrated trying to follow a pattern, it took all the fun out of it! I want her to have something that I loved making.

Another positive change is I quit using regular deodorants or antiperspirants.  I now use a Crystal Deodorant that is part of a line of products I sell, which you will be hearing more about later in the alphabet.

My daughter, Chrissy, is listed here because of the change I called Cut & Color. I raised five beautiful children, but they had to endure my untrained hair cutting skills. We never had an abundance of money so I even cut and colored my own hair. When my daughter said she was going to become a hair dresser, I was thrilled. Now the positive change I’ve made is getting my hair done by a professional! We have had some good times trying out new cuts and colors!

Counseling and control go hand and hand together as well. (This also fits in the Challenges box.) I took my self to see a psychologist and get some help with my depression and one of the best things I took away from that was learning to let go of that which is not in my control! This frees me to focus on what is in my control and what I can do about that. What a blessing!

Last and probably least: Cosmetics, I decided before Christmas to ask my friend who sells cosmetics, to come and demonstrate her products on me. Now, I used to sell cosmetics myself, two different brands! And I used to be religious about wearing make-up every day. So for a few years I’ve been going around bare-faced. So the positive change is back to the B’s, enjoying how beautiful I feel when I take the time to wear cosmetics.

So now the clock is striking midnight, but I made my 500 words about 15 minutes ago. LOL! I’ll be back soon.

2 thoughts on “C is for…

  1. Keep up the good work!
    And — as for me — I haven’t been able to so much as sit at the breakfast table without my makeup – for years and years and years! I should add that my earrings are also essential!! Do I need help?? I’m thinking –NOT! Am I vain? Nope! It’s just that I don’t feel “presentable”, read “completely dressed”, without both the makeup and earrings. Just imagine that someone would come to the door and find me standing there without my makeup or earrings! Horrors!!

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