S is for …

Today, I am going to veer from my positive changes to my current Status. S comes along just in time. Today S stands for being Scared, and Succumbing to Stress. It also stands for my work place: Safeway. As I am writing this I’m thinking I should Skip this and get some Sleep. For the first time in 17 ½ years I am going to a different Safeway for two days to do books. I normally only do back up books when our normal bookkeepers are off or on vacation. Today I made a trip to the Store to go over their layout and get my codes and keys. I have to be there at 4:00 am! Our store it’s 6:00. Their store is 24 hours, ours is not. Their store has Self-checkout, ours does not. So not only do I have to be there extra early, I have to attempt some new things with just a few moments of instruction.  I wonder what I was thinking when I said yes to these shifts. I guess I was thinking I need these Shifts to Support our family.

This past week I have been Scared and Succumbing to Stress, finding I’m more tired than normal, and unable to get through the day without feeling a panic attack is right in front of me. But because I am making positive changes I am taking this Step-by-Step trying to push aside any thoughts about what might happen and doing only the things I know will help prepare me, not always Successfully I must admit. In this I will Seek your Support and ask for your prayers.

I’m going to reveal a Secret: One of the ways I keep myself Sane is playing The Sims. I’m not saying this is bad or good, in fact for me it can be either. Sometimes it relaxes me and keeps me from stressing-out, and other times it becomes compulsive and keeps me from dealing with what is troubling me. And then of course there is Scramble, a word game I can lose myself in for hours. Sorry to tell you I’m not a perfect example of what a person should be. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression that I have it all together, but I am happy to share my flaws as well as my successes.

I’m a little Short of my 500 words today, but I’m proud of my progress, and I’m learning not to be so Strict as to condemn myself for failing. May you have Peace in your day. Love, Sandy (I’m my own S word – LOL!)

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